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Our Story

This is us...

Foxy Mama came about when we as expectant mothers, simply could not find variety in maternity wear.  Everything seemed all the same.  It seemed like everyone had the same design and the same idea. One design in every solid colour of the rainbow. Nothing that grabbed attention.


We were so disappointed. We wanted more tailored, more print options or even more flattering designs; it just all lacked variety. We were disappointed in the lack of choice.

It all seemed simply the same and boring stuff...

After more than a year of chatting about it this way and that, we started crafting on our designs.

Since then we have launched numerous unique designs so that women can have more options and more choice.  Always with our guiding principles that we want to provide what isn't available, at a superior quality and with ultimate comfort at the centre. All while being both innovative and practical.

We understand that style is ultimately a personal choice and we are incredibly honoured that so many people have chosen our designs and garments as part of their collection during an incredibly beautiful period in their lives.

We will be continued to be guided by our core principles:

  • Honesty in how we do what we do

  • Quality in everything we design

  • Fit that flatters and shows you off

  • Great value for money

  • Unique designs that are innovative and practical

  • Provide choice

  • It's all about YOU as our customer

  • Personal touch matters

Thank you for believing in our brand, for engaging with us and for being our inspiration for future designs.

The Foxy Mama Team

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