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Liezel Fourie
23 April 2018  *  5 min

Mind your business Foxy Mama!

We were contacted by our local regional radio station, Smile 90.4 FM to speak about Foxy Mama.  Of course we s...

Liezel Fourie
8 February 2018  *  1 min

Local brands to watch in 2018

We are super proud to be named a brand to watch for 2018!  Here is what they had to say about Foxy Mama:

"While being pregnant with Hudson...

10 Do's & Don'ts of maternity wear.png
Liezel Fourie
10 June 2019  *  10 min

My top 10 Do's & Don'ts of maternity wear

pregnant sleeping.jpg
Liezel Fourie
13 March 2019  *  4 min

Getting Mummy more comfy

Those of us who feel like 9 months is the longest 273 days of their lives. This article is written for those mommies.

Because let's face it, for some it really is!

Here are my top tips on getting a little more comfy...

maternity wear blog.jpg

What is up with maternity wear?

No, I don't mean just clothes to hang on your back. I mean something that will fit over that baby belly and still look like your normal self...

Liezel Fourie
12 August 2018  *  5 min