Below are the questions I get most often. So I hope this will help you if you have any questions. If you have a question that isn't answered here you are absolutely welcome to send me an e-mail. I will do my best to answer soonest, but just to be safe plan for 24-48 hours response time. 

What makes maternity wear different to normal clothes?

Well, first and foremost. Normal clothes are not catered for an ever expanding body. An item bigger in size is normally bigger everywhere and not focussed on your belly. You might actually end up looking frumpy and like a tent with a garment that is bigger in size than what you are. Sorry, truth.

Maternity wear takes into consideration that your belly will do most of the expansion work. We know that your breasts will grow larger too and that every lady is different to start with. Thus, our fabric is stretchy and made with a pregnant body in mind. It grows with your belly (and your breasts), but because the fabric is stretchy, won't be oversized and frumpy tent looking.

Can I tell you something?  I myself didn't want to give in to wearing maternity wear. I thought I could just do some clever hacks and make my items work. But there came a stage where I just felt I needed to allow myself a couple of items. Boy! How I wish I changed my mind sooner! I felt instant comfort, instant happiness and instantly more me and less worried about what others think of how I am making it work. 

What makes Foxy Mama maternity wear so special?

Well for starters, our fabric is quality. In most instances we use a cotton spandex mix with a higher thread count. This means that the fabric is super soft, stretchy and won't make you sweat because of the high cotton percentage. Because our fabric also has a higher thread count, it means that your garment will look good even after a couple of washes. I can't tell you how many women fall in love once they simply touch the fabric, because they know this is a quality garment. They know that they will be comfortable even when they have a long day ahead. They might have 99 problems, but their clothing ain't 1 of them.

The other major part is - I am a mom too.  I am not some major retailer that just slaps together something to tick a box. I make the time to ensure that our garments fit real people, fit their styles and fit their quality requirements. For me, what I put out there is personal and therefore I make sure it is great. Not average, not ok - great.

I only need maternity wear for when I am pregnant, right?
Um no... I hope I am not bursting your bubble here.  Even I believed I would be different. That my postpartum body would simply pop out a baby and I would look like myself in about a week or 2 max. What the celebrities don't advertise is that they have a pouch still there in their belly. Depending on your birth plan (planned or actual) you might have a cesarian and a cut. 
Maternity wear can help with your fourth trimester body. When your body is totally in between what it was pre pregnancy and during pregnancy. Because the fabric is soft and stretchy, it means that it will move with your body's changes once again.  Because our material is so soft, you don't have to worry about comfort. It is soft to the skin and a comfortable wardrobe staple. 
When do I start wearing maternity wear?
This is so different and varies from person to person. The better question is, are your clothes making you uncomfortable?  Do you feel squeezed in? 
Do you feel like you nearly can't breathe and you want to unbutton your pants permanently?  Remember that every lady carries her baby differently. Not all moms have the same size belly.  That means you start wearing maternity clothes when you feel that your current clothes simply don't do it anymore for you. This can be as early as 8 weeks - it all depends on your level of comfort!  The thing is, most ladies wait too long only to buy maternity wear when really they don't need to deprive themselves of a simple life comfort. 
What items do I really really need?
Again, personal taste. But here are our guidelines. Invest in a couple of key pieces that compliments your current wardrobe. This means, your natural style and natural colours.  You need items that can pair well with others.  Invest in at least 1 good pair of pants that you can wear to the office or out and about in your daily routine. Invest in 2- 3 good dresses that you can wear everywhere.  What I mean is, you can pair with flats for home wear or to a braai, or heels to the office or add some stunning jewellery and wear to your baby shower or perhaps a special occasion like a wedding. Get 2-3 shirts that you can wear everywhere, office, home, braai - anywhere!  You can wear these items every week until and beyond baby arrives. You will see that we have marked our items where they are nursing friendly and if they are a postpartum friend to help you make the best decision for you.
How do I choose a size?
Super simple - you simply buy your normal pre-pregnant size. We have taken into account that you have 3 litres more blood in your body, that your boobs might get larger and that you may be a little more poofy than normal. But just in case, we have put together a little size guide to help you. Still unsure?  Hey, I get you!  Simply drop me an e-mail!  Let's chat about it. 
I have a question that isn't here.
You are totally welcome to be in touch with me! Simply drop me an e-mail or fill in your details on the contact page and I will get back to you soonest, but just o be safe, plan around a 24-48 hour turnaround time in response. 
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