Getting Mummy more comfy

Yes - we all had a vision of our pregnant selves looking radiant and rocking pregnancy like a celebrity on the red carpet. Instead you feel frumpy, bloated, fat and you never knew your ankles could swell like that!

And you are so over asking other preggy mamas about their experience, because let's face it. They just look like they swallowed a ball. No extra weight, no morning sickness and definitely no cankles. Fair enough, your body is going through change - after all, it is growing a human inside of you!

This article is for the rest of us. Those of us who feel like 9M months is the longest 273 days of their lives. Because let's face it, for some it really is!

Here are my top tips on getting a little more comfy my dear mummy

1. Why am I all poofy and swollen?

Jip, you can expect some mild (what? This aint mild!) swelling during pregnancy. The added weight (of the baby, not you Ms Sensitive) will slow down the blood circulation to your heart making all the items farthest from your heart poof up like marshmallows.

Try avoiding standing for long periods of time and get flat soft shoes. Even crocs are looking good at this stage right?

When you do sit down, don't cross your legs. By crossing your legs you are cutting off the blood-flow. If you can, put your feet up like a royal princess on a small stool at the office. At home, bring out your inner goddess and put it up as high as you can. Let your man bring you something cool to drink and let him rub your feet with some refreshing peppermint oil. He says no? Is he helping carrying the baby? Thought so....

2. Baby got me back-pains

Your body is trying to keep both of you balanced, it does this by curving inward as your uterus grows - ouch! This new posture causes backache with some, yes, only some.

Channel your inner finishing school teacher and imagine someone pulling a thread on top of your head upwards. You feel lighter and more straight and your back should feel a little relieved.

Oh, that's not you right?

Ok, for the rest of us then, you can always use a belly band. These bands fits underneath your clothes and help lift your bump and alleviate some stress from your back. Don't mock them till you have tried it!

Our best find: Bellyup by Julie Kay.

3. I feel squished

There really is no need to force yourself to stay in your skinny jeans. Embrace comfortable maternity clothing. Yes, the visions of your mom in some floral tent is scary, but these are all in the past. These days there are great solutions, just be prepared to look online as most retail stores do not stock it.

And there really is no right or wrong timing. As a mom and a woman, you need to realise that you are always right. So if you want it at 8 weeks - you are right. If you want it at 26 weeks - you are right! See how this works? Some people push the limits till 6 months, others feel squashed at 6 weeks. It is up to you as to when you stop caring what other people will say and put your own comfort first. You will feel immediate relief, guaranteed!

4. I am always tired....

Why can I not keep my eyes open? This very fact is what made me realise I was pregnant (not the swollen boobs or anything else). If you are in your first tri-mester, chances are this will pass soon. BUT! It may return in Tri-mester 3....

Move your body, walk briskly and get some fresh air whilst you at it. Walk to get your lunch or walk with a colleague even if you brought your own (ahem, Anuschka). You can continue your normal exercise with the blessing of your doctor.

Make sure you are eating a variety of healthy foods with some good anti-oxidants and good for you energy. And it is ok to go to bed a little earlier.

Ps - feel free to let some other person do the dishes, seeing as you are too tired to do them.

5. But when I go to bed I can't sleep!

This one is a double whammy. Your bump is simply just in the way and those leg cramps! Where did they come from?

You can try and stuff pillows between your legs, or just give in and get yourself the sexiest pillow known to woman! Yes, that was sarcasm. But hear me out: these long pillows fit underneath your belly and fits between your legs AND cushions your back. Now isn't that what you want?

For the leg cramps, ugh. Walk around a bit and get your Fitbit hopeful that you might hit 5 000 steps. Apply some heat packs to your legs (beware of ointments that go into your bloodstream) or wear some long socks to help keep them warm and the blood pumping. Speak to your doctor about this, you might need extra magnesium. But always follow your doctor's advise to supplements.

And! Try to sleep on your left side. Hey what? Left?

Yes! This helps blood flow. According to medical doctors there is a big vein running on your right hand side and if there is too much pressure...well...things get uncomfy you see.

Whatever you do, keep your and baby's health as first priority. If you have other cool and amazing tips, please feel free to share them for other moms to learn from.

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