Local Brands to watch in 2018

We can't take credit for this article, but we can take credit for great maternity wear products that grow with that beautiful baby bump! Here is an amazing article around innovative brands to keep an eye out for in 2018.

We are super proud to be named a brand to watch for 2018! Here is what they had to say about Foxy Mama:

"While being pregnant with Hudson, I felt I was very limited to the clothing I could wear. Two things: 1. Either the fit was just horrible, because I had bigger and fuller breasts with a bump. 2. It was not very modern and feminine. I honestly wish I had known about the following brand while pregnant.

“We believe in modern, comfortable and beautiful maternity wear clothing. Let’s celebrate your growing body in style with designs that show off that beautiful baby bump in just the right way. Great quality products and best of all? Free delivery on all orders regardless of value!”

The above is everything I wanted and needed, but didn’t quite get through my pregnancy. I was not one of those Momma’s to be, whose belly was the only thing that got bigger, everything got bigger!. Have a look at some of their pieces…."

Click on the picture on the side or here for the full article and some amazingly stunning baby, Mommy and everything brands to watch for 2018!

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