Summer Maternity Clothes Essentials

Today, I’m sharing my Summer Maternity Essentials Guide; a brief look at what you can’t live without this summer! Having a summer pregnancy can be challenging with the heat, but knowing some summer maternity essentials to get you through those hot days can really be a lifesaver!

A few must-have summer maternity essentials that would help all of our expecting mamas that want to remain comfortable and stylish.

I’ve kept the list short and sweet, really focusing on the “must-haves” for the season.


Shoes are probably one of the most important summer maternity essentials for a few reasons. Your feet are your support and now that you’re carrying that precious bun in the oven, it means more strain on your feet!

The water retention and swelling make it difficult to find shoes that fit but are still comfortable and cute! Supportive flip flops or open strappy sandals are a great option! Some comfy flats and sneakers are also good to have too.

To keep swelling at bay, remember to exercise, to not stand in one spot for too long, to put your feet up at the end of the day, and to keep hydrated!

2. Dresses

Dresses are your best friends if you’re pregnant in the summer. They fit your bump well and flatter your new, growing figure. Plus, they’re super breathable and look adorable! Look for roomy ones that can be worn after as well, this way you can wear them again and again post-baby bump!

Keep in mind that your bump will hike up the hemline several inches, so don’t get any that are too short!


Shorts are always a summer essential, and even more so when you’re pregnant! Invest in a belly band to extend the life of your regular shorts, or opt to buy maternity shorts that are a little longer and looser.

Belly bands are great because: 1) it’s perfect for that in-between stage when your pre-pregnancy pants are just a little too tight and maternity pants are still too big, 2) it’s great for layering under maternity tops or for extra coverage while nursing, and 3) it can be used after baby, as you transition back into your pre-pregnancy pants.

But having some shorts that are specifically for your pregnancy is a great way to go.


I find basic tops to be the most comfortable and versatile. Solid maternity tops and tees pair well with any bottoms and are really flattering! I love the styles that hug your belly as well as the flowy tops that give you room to grow. So invest in a few good, basic pieces to keep you cool and looking chic!


It’s hard to be excited about swimming in the summer with a growing belly. However, the upside is that people know you’re pregnant and you don’t have to suck in your tummy or worry about bloat! Haha! And if you don't look swollen pregnant, what a great reason to push out that belly even more!

And what expecting mama doesn’t want to cool down in this summer heat in the water and take some of the weight off her back? Plus, showing off that sweet belly is so adorable by the pool or by the sea.

Use a one piece or flaunt it with a two piece, so pick one you feel most beautiful and comfortable in.


More than likely, if you’re pregnant, your cup size has gone up — perhaps dramatically. This can be a blessing or a curse, but either way you see it, you’ll need to accommodate your larger (and probably sore) chest with a supportive and comfortable bra!

When your sleek and sexy undergarments no longer contain the girls, it’s time for a maternity bra. Specially-constructed, maternity and nursing bras afford a level of support that average lingerie just can’t match. Here are some of my favourites specifically for summer: