What is up with maternity wear?

Have you tried looking for maternity wear clothing recently?

It almost feels like they must be having tea parties and discussing together what they will all be selling in the same fabric, same colours as every other product they have. It seems as if 85% of the items come in the same t-shirt fabric just in different colours. The same t-shirt fabric that after a couple of washes gives you those wooly bumps to remind you to slow down on washing so often. But then the damage is done and what you paid for will never be the same again.

So what can you do about it?

Continue wearing your old clothes? Sure, an option. Those belly bands are sexy! And the clever hack with the hair band. Oh! no-one will notice!

But they do.... They see how uncomfortable you are. They see you pulling up your clothes, constantly. Yes, you are pulling up those pants every 10 minutes.... you think they are having a conversation, but they get distracted by you. And let's be honest, you don't feel comfortable in your own skin anymore, so how can you feel comfortable with that big baby belly in your old clothes?

How about you just take a chance on something new? Have a look at https://www.foxymama.co.za/ I have never seen maternity wear clothing that looks this modern and up to date. Clothes I would happily buy from a normal retailer with no baby bump any day of the week! The fabric is a mix between cotton and lycra depending on the style, all of them are stretchy to allow for an ever growing beautiful baby bump. There is a great variety of dresses and tops that can be worn to any occasion. Need a dress because your best friend is getting married? They have it! Need a more structured dress to nail that presentation at the office? They have it! Need something that can go office, home, drinks, function? They have it! Even the normal tops/shirts are not as plain and boring as the other offerings available.

Let's be real, the range isn't huge, the business is new. But I am so excited to see how this will shake up the maternity clothing world. Can you imagine when they grow what we will be able to find on our doorstep? Some more amazing products that you just "wish we had in S.A".

If you ask me you have a couple of choices.

The choice is yours, do you deserve to feel and look beautiful and glowing during this special journey of carrying a life in you? You can look stunning and gorgeous right through pregnancy and not blink away from your normal style. And yes! Say it with us! You can be Foxy! I can dare to be a Foxy Mama! https://www.foxymama.co.za/, easy peasy lemon squeesy.....

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