The Deluxe Baby Carrier:

  • Used from 4 months of age or as soon as the baby can hold its own head, until 4 years of age or up to 22kg’s
    Incredibly light weight at 740 grams
  • Most of the weight of the child sits on the hips instead of the shoulders because of the padded hip belt
  • The broader hip belt webbing supports the increased weight of toddlers
  • The chest belt takes the sensation of weight off the shoulders and keeps the shoulder straps from slipping down
  • The shoulder belts adjust in two places, preventing the shoulder padding slipping into the armpit area
  • The buckles allow for easy and efficient strapping and unstrapping
  • This carrier starts off at the same size as the original carrier, and is uniquely designed to expand in height and width to accommodate the support of a growing child up to 22kg’s
  • The width expansion ensures the correct position of the child’s legs in the spread-squat position, thus avoid dangling legs which is bad for the child’s hip and spine development
  • Comes in a carry bag which can be attached to the carrier itself essentially replacing an additional baby bag for nappies and bottles etc
  • Is an ideal carrier for walking, hiking, long shopping hours or for taking public transport
  • A detachable moonbag replaces the need to carry a handbag
  • design supports the development needs of the legs and spine for this age

Since we can remember Mothers have carried babies close to their bodies; not only to leave their hands free for the multi-tasking all Mothers perform, but because research has shown that babies are happier in close body contact with their caregivers.  Understanding the needs of both Mother and child, African Baby Carriers offers a range of carriers that are designed to be ergonomically healthy for the adult, and support the healthy physical development of the child.

African Baby Carriers are made using Denim and Hemp materials for their superior durability, fabrics that respond to climate by being cool in Summer and warm in Winter, with our design providing strong support for the correct development of the child’s spine and hips.  A hood specially designed offers 100% support for the child’s head while sleeping.

Deluxe Baby Carrier

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Design Style
    • Machine washable as is on gentle 30 degree cycle