The Foxy Mama Cloth Reusable Diaper Cover understands that cloth diapering is essentially a great economic decision, as it will save you loads of money, a great environmental decision, as you are not filling the landfills with harmful waste which takes between 150 to 500 years to decompose, and it’s fun! The colours, designs and options are simply endless!

How does it work?

The nappy cover has an opening for a specially designed insert to be placed inside the nappy cover.  Both diaper cover and inserts are fast drying and can be as convenient as a disposable diaper. Plus, add more than one insert when in need. It is advised to use a clean diaper cover and clean insert for every nappy change.  

Simply adjust the press studs based on your individual baby to give a good fit.

Each nappy cover includes a bamboo nappy insert as standard. Simply choose your design!

Foxy Mama Cloth Reusable Diaper Cover

Design Style
  • One size fits all

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