Sudocrem Care & Protect helps to care for your baby’s delicate skin, protecting it against the causes of nappy rash. It’s gentle yet effective and can be used daily at every nappy change even on newborn babies. The hypoallergenic triple-care ointment is so light that it glides on to delicate skin without dragging or pulling. And because Sudocrem Care & Protect has been developed specifically for babies, all the ingredients are designed to do just one thing: protect against nappy rash.


Preventing nappy rash

You may already use Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream to treat your baby’s nappy rash but did you know that Sudocrem Care & Protect can prevent nappy rash happening in the first place?


Sudocrem Care & Protect can be applied at every nappy change to protect delicate skin from the chemicals in wee and poo that cause the rash. The triple-action formula creates a protective barrier, conditions the skin and guards against infection. By sealing in the skin’s natural moisture, Sudocrem Care & Protect helps to keep the skin on your baby’s bottom smooth and supple.


To make mums’ lives that little bit easier Sudocrem Care & Protect comes in a portable tube that’s quick and easy to use. The hinged flip-top cap gives you mess-free access using just one hand — so there are no lids and little parts for your baby to play with and no searching for dropped caps in nappies, rugs or blankets.


Triple-action formula


1. Protective barrier

Sudocrem Care & Protect creates a protective barrier to help keep skin smooth and protect against rubbing and irritants. The triple-care ointment is gentle enough to be used at every nappy change.


2. Conditions skin

Sudocrem Care & Protect helps to seal in the natural moisture found in the skin on your baby’s bottom so it stays soft and supple. We’ve added Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5 as they are known to help keep skin healthy.


3. Guards against infection

Sudocrem Care & Protect creates a protective barrier between your baby’s skin and the potential irritants like wee and poo that can cause nappy rash.

Sudocrem - Care And Protect

  • Step 1: Ensure your baby’s bottom is clean and dry


    Step 2: With clean and dry hands, spread the cream evenly to form a thin protective layer across the entire nappy area


    Step 3: Gently apply the cream using light, circular movements. Try to avoid rubbing the skin and ensure that cream gets into the creases of the skin


    Step 4: For best results, use Sudocrem Care & Protect at every nappy change to give your baby’s skin the best protection against the discomfort of nappy rash. If your baby does develop nappy rash then apply Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream to the affected area to treat it. Repeat these steps until the rash has cleared. Then apply Sudocrem Care & Protect at every change to help prevent nappy rash.