Maternity Wear Size Guide

Size Guide

In general, choosing your maternity size should be as easy as selecting your pre-pregnancy size. 


If in doubt, refer to the product specific size chart or use the guide below:

Foxy Mama sizes are available in Small to XXLarge. 

Select your pre-pregnancy size for your maternity wear size, e.g if your pre-pregnancy size is 34, then your Foxy Mama maternity wear size will be a 34.  

For your convenience, a product specific size chart is available when selecting a garment and will help guide you to get the best fit.

In the event that you have gained a little extra weight during your pregnancy, or if you are carrying multiples, we suggest you choose a bigger size than you ordinarily would choose.

Our sizing is very standard and we rarely have exchanges.  

If you would like some extra guidance, kindly refer to our Maternity Wear 101 for some help, or feel free to reach out to use for some guidance on selecting your best fit. 

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