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11 March 2020  *  15 min

Steal my babyshower gift list

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Whether you are an experienced shopper or still a newbie to the world of babies, it always helps to get some fresh ideas on what you can give a person for their babyshower.

Most of the items on my gift list is stuff I wish I had the first time around or where I borrowed from friends and loved it.

I have a clickable link below where you can download the full pdf gift list if you want to steal it (YES! You have my permission to do that).

But I do want to tell you some of the reasons I love certain products and why I prefer certain brands - and I will let you know that I am not getting any kickback from these brands in order to mention them.  I just simply love it and want to share it with you.

In my list I have a couple of sections:

1. Top of the Pops - Top of my wish list

2. Caution gits

3. Always Welcome

4. Other Awesome gifts - especially if you live out of town or can't make the day

Totally on the top of my list is the Medela Manual Breastpump. No, not the electric one. Here is the funny thing - I bought an electric one and hated it. Looking at what it costs and how many people are selling it second hand that have never used it, I didn't feel alone. I disliked that the electric was such a time consuming device and that you had to plug it in whenever you wanted to use it. 

I found a manual (had a different brand) was quicker, you can use it anywhere (like the back of a car seat or hospital room NICU for me) and smaller to carry around.


If it is a first baby and you are not sure if you would be able to breastfeed, I would consider buying this only after trying and knowing you can. Too many people get the deluxe electric only to have to resell it. I personally like Medela just because of how soft it is on the breast. 

Top Tip: Watch out for the Mama Magic or other big baby expo's and perhaps score on a special expo offer.

The Bumbo seat is awesome for feeding time and when baby is playing with toys and you want them to sit. If you go away on holiday you can easily pack this in. 

The table part can remove making it a seat only.  Be careful putting this on top of tables or raised surfaces - when baby swings around their bodyweight it could topple over.

For the moms who are expecting big children - I wouldn't put this on the list until baby is here. Simply because you don't know if their legs might fit through the openings long enough for them to enjoy it. 

An awesome alternative is a baby bean bag. A smaller sized bean bag - baby can lie in it and in the beginning cannot easily manoeuvre himself out of it.  Great for feeding and sleeping. My friend used hers everywhere including braai's at friends..  hmmm, come to think of it, I am changing this one to baby bean bag instead!

This baby carrier saved my sanity with my first baby. She simply wasn't sleeping in the day. I would be in the shower with my head full of shampoo and she would start crying - this 10 minutes after I put her down. 

I was in tears at the breastfeeding clinic out of sheer frustration. I am a problem solver and this was something I just didn't know how to tackle anymore. The sister put her into a wrap for me and I walked around. Within 1 minute she fell asleep!  I bought it there and then, but looking back I hate the fabric and colour. It was a cream colour so close to my own skin tone that people could mistake me for being naked.  And it showed stains quickly.

My daughter was born a little early and she still wanted to be held tightly, be in darkness and close to noise (like the blood moving in your tummy). So the wrap is ideal to mimic that and give her the safety she had been used to and slowly become comfortable with her new surroundings.

So this time around I would love something that is better suited. I wore it everywhere. To braai's, around the house doing stuff; I wore it to the shop or coffee dates. It also helped with prying tannies that touch your baby uninvited by keeping her inside the carrier and creating a barrier between baby and them. 

The reason I love the carrier from Monalisa Mamas is that not only are they real moms who get it, they spend a lot of time making sure that the fabric is top notch quality that will look good and last.  

For the first couple of months this carrier is ideal for a baby who has no neck control just yet, that is light enough to carry with your arms free and no pram that takes up space. 

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If you are planning on breastfeeding, most likely you will at some point in your life be in a public space and need to feed baby. Don't be like me; don't sit on dirty toilets and funny places that are out of sight.  

First off, there has been a huge positive movement towards breastfeeding in public and it is no longer so very much a sensitive topic as before. Some shops even welcome moms with a free coffee to breastfeed with no obligation to buy anything! Also Woolworths allows moms to feed in their spacious first cubicle - top tip.

If you are like me and not prepared to let it all hang on out then I suggest 2 things. 

1. Get an awesome nursing cover: This allows you to keep an eye on baby and being able to do what you need to without people staring at you.  Once again I love this cover from Monalisa Mamas as I know the quality of the fabric and simply love the patterns. 

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2. Invest in some nursing friendly bra's and clothing. Whilst our range is limited be sure to check back as it is ever expanding and our range for nursing friendly items will increase. 


My particular favourites are the red floral wrap dress and the mint hoodie. 

The red wrap dress can be worn with or without a bump. The wrap style makes it flattering for every figure.  The frill on the front lifts up for easy access to nurse baby on the go. You don't even need a nursing cover with this one as the frill can cover baby whilst nursing.

The mint and floral hoodie can be worn during and after pregnancy. It is made for winter with a soft inner fleece.  The zips look like seams, so simply zip down to nurse baby.  You can even place baby on the inside to keep her warm from any winter chills.

Click on the images fr more information on each product.

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nursing friendly bra.jpg

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There are a couple of things I love for on the go feeding.  Something I really want are these reusable food pouches from Pouch Love.  It allows you to make homemade baby food for on the go without the nasty sugar (can you believe it!) and preservatives that most grocery isle items have. 

Plus, you can cater for combo's you know your baby enjoys. The website even has some awesome recipes for you to try out.  This has got to be my favourite gift to give too! It was only released after my first baby. Plus - dishwasher safe! Totally made for moms like me.

As a companion I simply love these attachable spoons from Tommee Tippee. Perfect for on the go and dishwasher safe.  These babies only came out after my first pregnancy so I am keen to give them a go.

Much easier to manage than a stand alone spoon.  You can get them at Baby Boom, Dis Chem or Baby City. It is not something I have noticed much in other grocery shops.

I wish these plates were around when my first baby was little. It would make mealtime so much easier!  I love these grippy plates from Trendlings.  

It is made from food grade silicone and the base attaches to nearly any surface.  This is super helpful because baby often topples over the entire dish leaving the place a royal messy business. Ok if you have dogs that can help, but not fun for mommy who has a million things to do.

Your secret weapon is that it comes with a lid. That means you can prep finger foods at home, seal it and go wherever you need to with baby's food ready. Simply place baby in front of the plate, remove the lid and you are good to go!  I love the divided sections because it allows baby to choose what they want without getting dirty from the item next to it. Non mushy - love that!

pouch love.jpg

Government law states that your baby needs to be in a car seat from when you leave the hospital.  The car seems to be a heaven for most babies that don't want to sleep. 

My only problem is that their poor heads move around quite a lot during your drive making it fall forward or to the sides. Even when my daughter became a toddler her head would tip forward at times. 

That's why I love this neck pillow - it gives support for your baby during the car ride.  I have only ever seen it at Dis Chem, but I am sure if you browse Baby Boom or Baby City you will be sure to find it.  

nek pillow.jpg

Baby will be teething a lot and their gums get itchy.  

I like to freeze breastmilk and teether toys to help baby along with easing that pain. But I also love these silicone dummy chains from Jelebebe.  

It is made from soft silicone beads that is perfect for on the go.  There are some other winners like a necklace for mom and teether toys, but I love the use you get from this dummy chain.


This is not just Bum Cream, meet the life saving Sudocrem. Awesome stuff for when baby has even the thought of a rash.  It may be bum rash or have a rash somewhere else on the body.  This stuff is white gold.

You can even use as a face mask for mom!

Top Tip:  Buy a small and big jar if you can. Mom can then fill up the small jar and put in her baby bag without the extra weight.  


Caution Gifts

I say caution gifts because not every mommy will use these products. So rather check in with her on if she would find it useful. 

Some moms don't want their babies to have dummies and some feel very strong about breastfeeding. Thus unless you are sure, try to stay away from giving dummies or baby bottles.  She might even feel very strongly about which brand she wants most.

Steer clear from any medicines unless she has specifically asked for it.  I promise you that mommy will find a chemist when she has the need.  We know you mean well, but this is a toughie. At best a teething gel would be appreciated.

Try not to give baby powder. I know of so few moms who have a use for it and they end up returning it to the shop.

Always Welcome Gifts

Whilst I didn't put these on my list, they are always welcome. The reason I don't put it on the list is because people will will give you these items regardless of you putting it on a list.

Awesome items include:

- Clothing & blankies: Opt for clothing from 6 months and older. People tend to give items for newborns and they grow out of it rather quickly. Muslin cloths are great fur summer babies whilst sofr fleecy ones suit winter babies.  Vests are a big win too!

- Wet Wipes: Personally I like any kind that is soft and I prefer to give sensitive wipes or alcohol free wipes because you don't know if baby will have a more than normal sensitive skin.

- Bum Cream: Always always welcome! Can never have enough!  I like to give travel sized options so that it makes carrying the baby bag a little lighter. Mommy can refill these containers too.

- Baby Bag: I did not put it on the list simply because there are great freebies available from Medi Clinic and Dis Chem. I will do another article on this soon.

- Teething Soothers: I like plain and simple ones that go in the fridge. You get some fancy pants ones, but ultimately they all do the same thing.

- Reading books and toys that make a noise: My sister hosted my first shower and instead of a card everyone had to bring a book with their name. I love reading it at night to my daughter and love telling her who gave her the book. Toys that make a noise are always a baby favourite.  

- Snuggle Bunny: For sleepy time; these are made with soft silky ears for baby to touch and feel.  This is a super cute gift! Not on my list, because my daughter is willing to give hers to her new sister. Aww!

- Baby soaps, shampoos & body creams: Always more than welcome! Opt for fragrance free just to be safe.


Other Awesome Gifts

These include items that may not be on most lists, but most moms will welcome as she may not have thought about it herself. These are great to gifts if you are from out of town or cannot make the babyshower in person or want do something special as a group or family member.


These include:

- Online Vouchers for nappies: My favourites include Takealot and Dis Chem. Takealot stocks a wide variety and delivers to your door. Especially for a new mom this is a lifesaver as she herself doesn't know where her day has gone let alone go to a shop.  If she had a caesarean she also won't be able to drive for the first 6 weeks until her Dr gives the all clear.  I simply love Dis Chem because their prices are often more reasonable than other places and they offer a click & collect service. Mommy can order online and daddy can pick up without standing in a long queue or wondering what size or quantity to get.

- A pedicure and/or manicure for mommy: Most ladies like to look nice for the hospital pictures and for her having a manicure before baby arrives is a little treasure to have some alone time before baby arrives. I personally like a pedicure because most mommies' tummy has grown so big that they struggle to reach their toes to clip it. So you will be doing her a massive favour on this one.

- A home cooked meal service: This is great for a good relative to give or if a couple of friends want to do something meaningful for when baby is here. Most days, most moms don't know where the time had gone, let alone have a shower.  How on earth is she going to keep track of making food too?  Yes! By all means make a dish and take it to them, it will be super welcome.  But if they don't live close by, your next best option is a home meal service that offers more variety than lasagna (I got 6 different lasagna's! Luckily it is my husband's favourite meal).  Plus, mommy can control when is the best for her to get this.  I personally have used Doorstep Chef, but there are so many out there to choose from. Look for one that services her area and makes food she likes to eat.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of presents you could give. These are just the things that I love and value. Things I feel will make my life easier.

Any gift, no matter how big or how small, as long given out of love, will always be welcome and appreciated.

If you would like to get the full list in pdf, click here:

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